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I'm Luke, a web Designer and Interactive developer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

I create clean, functional, yet modern web work


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Hi I’m Luke, a hybrid designer & developer that conceptualize, produce, manage, and implement online interactive projects. Some say I have a keen yet stubborn eye for perfection.


FilmDemic, Ltd

Senior Interactive Developer
2011 - Now
  • Management of web/interactive department of agency, overseeing the creation and implementation of all interactive projects and campaigns
  • Oversight of estimates, timelines, project scope and deliverables specific to interactive projects
  • Creation and management of marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including broadcast, print and online

North Woods Advertising

Production and Interactive Development Manager
2008 - 2011
  • Led the online and production teams in planning, development and execution of interactive client campaigns, including project ui and ux, as well as campaign related digital assets
  • Worked with TV and Print departments in coordination and integration of project materials
  • Became lead coordinator of overall direction of the company's online presence, including redesign of company website, creation of company social media and online presence

North Woods Advertising

Advertising Program Internship
2007 - 2008
  • Managed all trafficking of agency spots, ensuring the timely delivery of instructions as well creative to their respective destinations
  • Worked with fellow interns on internal strategic consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development
  • Assisted in the coordination and development of current and potential agency client outreach and management


University of Minnesota

College of Liberal Arts
2003 - 2007
  • B.A. in the field of Political Science, minor in Mass Communication from University's SJMC
  • Major GPA: 3.50, Cumulative GPA: 3.28
  • Relevant Coursework: Media Processes and Structures, Strategic Communications: Public Relations, New Media Culture, Information for Mass Communication, Mass Media & U.S. Society

Technical Skills



    Strong to expert proficiency in Extensible HyperText Markup Language

  • Javascript + jQuery


    Strong knowledge of the client site scripting language and it’s popular simplified libary jQuery

  • CSS + CSS3


    Strong to expert proficieny in cascading style sheets and the newer modularization features and capabilities

  • PHP


    Strong working knowledge of the server-side hypertext processing language, including imperative, and object-oriented paradigms

  • WordPress


    Very strong knowledge and experience with the popular open source content management system, having developed numerous custom themes and plugins

  • MySQL


    Average knowledge of the database management system and its use in web applications


  • icon
  • Sublime Text

    Strong to expert proficiency

  • icon
  • Bash/Terminal

    Average proficiency

  • icon
  • Photoshop

    Strong to expert proficiency

  • icon
  • Illustrator

    Above average proficiency

  • icon
  • After Effects

    Average proficiency

  • icon
  • Cinema 4D

    Average proficiency

  • icon
  • Final Cut Pro

    Above average proficiency


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A Sampling Of My Recent Work

FilmDemic Studio Services

A service tool for managing studio data and content

A Los Angeles-based start-up is attempting to bridge the divide between content providers and content aggregators, by providing a simple and efficeint online tool to manage film assets and data, allowing studios and distributors to deliver their material effortlessly to outlets such as Facebook, Hulu & Netflix.

I've been lead developer on the project for roughly 12 months, overseeing the projects design, look and feel. With the project nearing completion, there is a lot of excitement surrounding future updates and improvements.

View Screenshots   |  Project Website 

Design Development UI UX

Zillow Address Lookup

A web application to retrieve real estate estiamtes

A local financial investment company needed a faster, more efficient way to gather real-estate valuation data. What resulted was a web service that could take a list of addresses, find their estiamted property value through api data provided by Zillow, and outputs the results to a formatted downloadable CSV file. The application now saves employees countless hours of time, as they no longer need to manually look up individual properites.

View Screenshots   |  Project Website 

Development UX


A web presence for an emerging energy drink company

Eruption Effervescent Energy, an all-natural energy supplement in ppoweder form, needed a simple website that could explain the product and its advantages over traditional energy drinks, as well as provide users across the country to purchase the product directly, as retail distribution was still in it's infancy.

I built an e-commerce site that sold various Eruption products, as well as offering a "product locator" that would show where users could find the product for sale in-person, through an interactive product map.

View Screenshots   |  Project Now Offline 

Development UI UX

Alma Tequila

Mexican Tequila company's website

A family that has been making Tequila Xamay, Jalisco, Mexico for over 80 years, has gained recent popularity, and needed a website to continue further growth.

Working with copywriters and brand managers, we created a simple Wordpress site that artfully described the Tequila, it's roots and processes behind it, and various interactive features such as suggested drink recipes and product locations. By using Wordpress, the company's employees can easily manage site content.

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Development UI UX

Kurt Bills for US Senate (2012)

An MN Political candidate's website

Minnesota House of Representative member Kurt Bills, received the Republican nomination for United States Senate, running against Democratic incumbent Amy Klobuchar. Bills was endorsed in his run by GOP presidential contender Ron Paul,[13] U.S. Senator Rand Paul and Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Zellers.

I was hired to be the sole developer for the campaign's website, as well as produce a fresh take on the campaign's branding, reflected in both the site and printed materials. The site included a "Follow the Bus" feature that would tack in real-time, the lcoation of three campaign buses across the state of Minnesota. Although Bills ultimately lost the election, a number outlets praised the overall look and functionality of the website.

View Screenshots   |  Project Now Offline 

Design Development UI UX Branding

North Woods Advertising

Political Advertising Firm's Website

Often times a agency is so buried in work for other clients brand, it forgets to keep up on it's own. While working at North Woods as an intern and later a interactive project manager, I came to rebuild the North Woods web presence, showcasing the groundbreaking political ad work it does for independent-minded clients.

View Screenshots   |  Project Website 

Design Development UI UX

Drug Policy Alliance

A campaign to provide medical relief to New Mexico patients

The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), the nation's leading organization promoting drug policies that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights, launched a campaign entitled "Don't Take Away Our Medicine", which sought to protect the New Mexican medical marijuana program by portraying real people and the benefits it has had on them.

A site was needed to be the home of the campaign, which included TV and web ad placements. Visitors could get detailed information on what was at stake, donate to the campaign, view the related TV spots, read campaign press releases, and sign an online petition.

View Screenshots   |  Project Website 


Kurt Bills for US Senate (2012)

Helping define a political candidacy's brand

In addition to the website for the candidate, a host of visual elements were designed for the campaign, from printed materials such as bumper stickers and yard signs, to online advertisements and informational pieces.

Fundraiser drives, legislative call to actions, press release materials and the like were produced with a clean, modern and signature identity, giving the campaign an heir of refinement and legitimacy

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Design Branding

Autism Treatment Association of Minnesota

Logo concepting for an advocacy group

A coalition of Minnesota advocacy groups sought to create an organization that promoted their legislative goals as a group. A visual logo concept was produced for the potential client

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Design Branding

Time Trail

Logo design for a software product

A freelance createive idea developer came to me looking to produce a visual identity for a new software idea he had. "Time Trail" would make tracking your billiable time simple, running as a program on your computer, it would 'cleverly' track and group time based on the activities you performed in the oeprating system. A number of iterations were produced, but this one was selected for initial presentation in pitches to potential investors

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Design Branding

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