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January 2014

Chico Mann – Comes and Goes

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Marcos Garcia aka Chico Mann grew up in a musical family in New York and New Jersey. His father was the owner of a Latin record labell based in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City and a young Chico observed the ins & outs of the biz while practicing his guitar and piano. It was then that he began to propagate his deep musical roots with such influences as Afrika Bambaataa, Lisa Lisa, Willie Col√≥n, Celia Cruz and Fela Kuti

Electro Flavoured Jungle

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Jungle – The Heat (Video) — From “Jungle:The Heat EP” Not only do they have one of the best/simplest band websites out there, but a url to match:

Logo Concepts – MoveMN

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Now that the campaign’s has officially launched, I can share some logo/brand concepting I developed. While I was never actually apart of the project and never submitted them to the client for review as they already had vendors hired for the project, I thought it’d be good some good creative practice