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July 2014

Browser Detection in WordPress

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There are a number of articles/sites/snippets out there explaining how to detect what browser and device any particular user is on when visiting your WordPress site, but none of them really go into how it’s actually working, behind the scenes. As many of you reading this know, WordPress relies on as a part of it’s… Read more »

The Lords of Flathbush

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Brooklyn rap duo the Underachievers, affiliates of Brainfeeder and Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era, have a new mixtape out to follow this year’s excellent Indigoism project. It’s called The Lords of Flatbush and features production from Lex Luger. listen to “Leaving Scraps” above, and download the whole thing here. —Pitchfork Of course no post on The Underachievers… Read more »