Musings of relative value

I’ve been playing around with Cinema 4D a little bit the last few days. Output some pretty nice renders of a simple studio with some MLB logos inside… Granted, there should be a little less reflection and a tad more fresnel, but overall, they look quite realistic.

View them in the lightwindow or even open them in a new tab just to get a sense of how clean the render is.

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New 2013 $100 Dollar Banknote

Here’s the new $100 banknote, being released into circulation Tuesday by the US Treasury.

The even fancier new feature is the blue 3-D security ribbon. Microscopic lenses create the effect that tiny 100s and bells are moving up and down or side to side, depending which way you tilt the bill. … The engineering is that much more impressive because the strip can, at a reasonable price, be woven into the paper’s fibers, and can withstand the crumpling, folding, soaking and other physical abuse that banknotes must endure.  —Wired

It’s being dubbed as the “NextGen Benny”, and it’s had it’s share of development problems.

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