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North Face :: This Land Is Your Land

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The latest commercial from North Face really makes you love the land we live on. It catches not only the eye for its grand visuals of all US outdoors has to offer, but the ear as well: Woody Guthrie penned the iconic anthem “This Land Is Your Land” in 1940, inspiring a generation of explorers,… Read more »

Logo Concepts – MoveMN

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Now that the campaign’s has officially launched, I can share some logo/brand concepting I developed. While I was never actually apart of the project and never submitted them to the client for review as they already had vendors hired for the project, I thought it’d be good some good creative practice

Fictional Character as a Basis for Brand Identity

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Came across a unique brand concept/execution while flipping through this weekend. After opening the successful , a restaurant established around a mythical writer and culinary gastronome, a Hong Kong-based company decided to replicate the concept, tying another fictional character and his/her imaginary exploits to not only a real world brand, but to the other fictional… Read more »