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Browser Detection in WordPress

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There are a number of articles/sites/snippets out there explaining how to detect what browser and device any particular user is on when visiting your WordPress site, but none of them really go into how it’s actually working, behind the scenes. As many of you reading this know, WordPress relies on as a part of it’s… Read more »

Fluid Embed Containers for Responsive Layouts

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One particularly tricky area of responsive web layouts is embeddable content, such as a YouTube or Vimeo video, or a Google Map. It used to be the norm that posting content from other sites/servers via iframe or object tags would require a static width and/or height declaration. As evident in a responsive layout, static width… Read more »

Migrating to Bootstrap Version 3

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Needless to say, the changes in the latest version of are extensive. Those familiar with the popular framework know that up to version 2.3.2, much of the layouts, class names and base stylings stayed relatively the same, making it easy to breeze through an initial wireframe or template mockup. Well, throw most of what you… Read more »